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Kong Quest Bone Treat Dog Toy Review

The other day, we had to take our dog to the vet. He had to have a skin condition checked out and to get his leptospirosis vaccine. Unfortunately, that meant a ...

Flip N’ Slide Puzzle For Dogs Review

Our dog is a rescue. He was kept outside and severely neglected by his previous owners for the first 3 years of his life. So, it was no surprise that he didn't ...

Snug Rubber Dog Balls Review

Snug Rubber Dog Balls are standard tennis ball size so they fit most dog ball launchers. Manufactured from thick 100% natural rubber, these balls are durable. ...

Dog Casino Treat Puzzle

The Dog Casino Treat Puzzle may be just the perfect toy for your bored pooch. Featuring 8 hidden chambers that can hold your choice of treats, this puzzle ...

Newman’s Own Organics Premium Dog Treats Review

As many of you probably know, a lot of the dog treats on the market are pretty much junk food for dogs. With that in mind, I tried to find something a little ...

Kong Wubba Dog Toy Review

Our new rescue dog Troy hasn't quite got the concept of toys completely down yet. Clearly, as a poor, neglected little fellow, he didn't have much exposure to ...

Best Pooper Scoopers For Dogs

In most areas, by law, you must pick up after your dog when you walk them. And, of course, if your dog goes in your own yard, you don't want to have to ...

Premier Pogo Plush Dog Toy Review

Our dog is an avid chewer. She can de-squeak and de-stuff any plush toy we get her in about 5 minutes. So, we're constantly looking for indestructible dog toys ...

Toys for Blind Dogs

We recently started a new and unexpected phase in our dog's life... blindness. She was stricken with S.A.R.D.S (which is another post I'm working on) and our ...

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