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WebMD for Dogs

If you've been reading my sporadic blog posts, you've probably noticed that many of my writings involve dog health. That's because our pup has had a rough ...

Toys for Blind Dogs

We recently started a new and unexpected phase in our dog's life... blindness. She was stricken with S.A.R.D.S (which is another post I'm working on) and our ...

The Bright Side of Dog Poop

It's an annoyance that all dog owners have to deal with when they take their dogs to the park. In many places, by law, they have to pick up the poop their ...

Can Dogs Get Colds?

I recently had my mother-in-law ask me if dogs can get colds. She had just gotten back from a trip and picked her dog up from staying with its brothers and ...

Lifeguard Dogs To The Rescue!

Millions of visitors crowd Italy's beautiful sun drenched coast every summer. That's a lot of people to protect from the dangers of the water. Lifeguards there ...

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