The Bright Side of Dog Poop

Park SparkIt's an annoyance that all dog owners have to deal with when they take their dogs to the park. In many places, by law, they have to pick up the poop their pooch deposits on public property. Most of the time, those little baggies of dog droppings end up in the park trash. Well, one artist in Massachusetts has found a way to make that dog poop useful. He has created the “Park Spark”, a gas lamp that runs on methane produced from dog waste.

Special biodegradable bags are available near the lamp for dog owners to pick up their dog's waste with. Signs instruct owners to deposit the waste in the special “poop converter” tanks and turn the wheel to stir the contents. The methane that is produced by microbes in the waste is then piped to the gas lamp and used as fuel to provide light. It's an ingenuous and cost effective way to provide lighting for the park.

You can read more about the Park Spark here.

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