Premier Pogo Plush Dog Toy Review

Our dog is an avid chewer. She can de-squeak and de-stuff any plush toy we get her in about 5 minutes. So, we're constantly looking for indestructible dog toys (or at least long lasting). When we found the Premier Pogo Plush Bunny at a local pet store, we were a little skeptical of its claims of no mess and being hard to de-squeak. We went ahead and tried it anyway and I must say it surpassed our expectations.

There is no stuffing in this plush dog toy. So even if your dog is able to tear it apart, there won't be stuffing strewn all over the place. However, with the ingenious durable “inner bouncy frame”, it's difficult for a dog to tear into the body and get to the squeaker. Our dog certainly has tried. She loves chewing it and with the added benefit of her not being able to destroy the toy, it's been around for many more chewing sessions than her average plush toy.

We got her the Pogo Plush bunny dog toy and I can say that she's close to chewing the ears off, so it's not completely indestructible. I imagine the Pogo Plush Ball toys are the most durable of all the Pogo Plush toys available since there are no ears or tails, so if you absolutely don't want to be picking up bits of dog toy, that might be your best option.

Overall, I would give the Pogo Plush bunny dog toy a 4 out of 5 stars.

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