Meet Troy

This is Troy, a half labrador, half basset hound mix. We started off calling him a labradasset, though we have since changed that to bassador, since that seems to be more popular. About a month and a half ago, Troy was skinny, flea ridden, suffering from roundworms and kennel cough, and sitting on death row in a high kill shelter in Georgia. Today, he's happy, healthy, and living the good life in our home. He even has his own couch, which he absolutely loves. We adopted him at the end of October, which just happened to be National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.

We never thought we'd be participating in National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month this year. Unfortunately, we unexpectedly lost our beloved baby girl at the beginning of October. Our house was so quiet and somber for weeks. We knew we had to get another dog soon because the house was too empty. We began looking on websites, visiting shelters, and after about two weeks of looking, we found Troy on The day after we discovered his profile, he was going to be flown in from Georgia to an adoption event here in Washington, so we had to go see him. It was love at first sight and we brought him home.

Troy has quickly settled in here. He has two modes: labrador and basset. Basset mode involves plenty of snoozing on the couch. Labrador mode involves running around like a crazy dog. He loves to play and loves to cuddle even more. I've never met a more cuddly dog. I think it's safe to say that he's so glad to be in a better situation.

We still miss our baby girl terribly, but our little Troy boy has brought such joy to our lives. We're so glad we found each other. Thanks to the great folks at R.A.I.N. (Rescuing Animals In Need) for bringing him to us.


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