Dog Wheelchairs

We never thought we would have a dog with a disability. When our dog went blind last year, we were suddenly thrust into a situation where we had to adapt and help her adapt to this new reality in order for her to continue to have a good quality of life. It was through this experience that we learned many lessons, most important of which was that dogs with disabilities can and do go on to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Dogs are resilient and adaptable creatures. With a little help and support from their humans, dogs with disabilities can get along almost as well as their able-bodied counterparts. Seeing how our dog dealt with her disability inspired me and made me want to help other people that might be going through difficult times with their disabled dogs. It was because of my research into products for disabled dogs that I ran across They offer all sorts of products and services for handicapped pets, with probably the most important being dog wheelchairs. Their dog wheelchairs allow dogs who have leg weakness or one or more paralyzed limbs to regain their mobility and thus, their quality of life. In addition to dog wheelchairs, they offer walking and support slings and harnesses, pet boots, wrist wraps, splints, diapers, orthotic and prosthetic leg braces, and many other health and safety items to help your handicapped pet. not only offers dog wheelchairs and other products for your disabled dog, but they also host a community where owners of disabled dogs can discuss their medical problems, get support from other owners, and get questions answered about their Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair. If you have a disabled dog (or other pet), you should check out to get the help and support you and your dog need.

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