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If you've been reading my sporadic blog posts, you've probably noticed that many of my writings involve dog health. That's because our pup has had a rough year. Being the concerned dog parents we are, we've done research to make informed decisions regarding our dog's medical care. I am amazed that in all my research, there's one site I didn't run across, WebMD for dogs.

Out of curiosity, I typed in “WebMD for Dogs” in a search engine. To my surprise, WebMD does have a section specifically for dogs (and other pets). WebMD for Dogs has plenty of articles on dog health from experts (the renown Victoria Stilwell, for one) and veterinarians. They have great information on specific breeds of dogs, dog health Q&A and discussions, and much more. WebMD for Dogs is a site I'll definitely bookmark and go to for my dog health research.

Not only does WebMD for Dogs have great articles on health, but also dog behavior, tips, and tricks. It certainly would have been useful to deal with our dog's separation anxiety. When we first adopted her from a shelter nearly 7 years ago, she had bad separation anxiety. Our pooch has put on several extra pounds due to S.A.R.D.S. So, I'll be reading up in the doggy diet & nutrition section. I want to see what we can do with her diet to help her lose the weight.

WebMD for Dogs is a treasure trove of information for dog lovers, all in one place. The one thing I immediately looked for and didn't find, however, is information on S.A.R.D.S, our dog's current (and hopefully last) health challenge. Fortunately, there are other good sources of information on the disease.

Having seen how amazingly our dog has adapted to her blindness and how well she navigates and still lives a happy, full life, I really enjoyed their article about amazing pet abilities. We can see in our own dog the amazing abilities our animal companions can have. Having a niece with Type 1 diabetes, I especially liked hearing about dogs who can sniff out the scent changes relating to low blood sugar.

If you're a dog lover looking for health information, researching dog topics, or just like to read articles about your favorite animals, WebMD for Dogs is definitely a resource I'd recommend.

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