Kong Quest Bone Treat Dog Toy Review – An Amazing Treat Toy

The other day, we had to take our dog to the vet. He had to have a skin condition checked out and to get his leptospirosis vaccine. Unfortunately, that meant a lot of poking and prodding and scraping. He was understandably nervous. To distract him, the vet techs gave him a Kong Quest Bone filled with treats and yummy Kong cheese spread. And he LOVED it. He couldn't get enough of it. He tried to carry the bone off with us when we left.

Troy loved that toy so much that I decided to get one for him. His “gotcha day” was coming up, so this would be the perfect present. I ordered one from Amazon along with the Kong Easy Treat Peanut Butter. It arrived in two days and as soon as he saw it, he got excited remembering how great it was at the vet! I filled the toy with the peanut butter treat. Here's a tip, only fill in the big cavity in the middle. I made the mistake of filling the small holes on the end and they were too hard for Troy to get the filling out. Those holes are perfect for small treats like Zuke's Dog Treats.

Once the Kong Quest Bone was filled, I gave it to him and he went to town. It kept him busy for quite a while. Once he finished licking all the peanut butter out of it, he chewed on it for a while. He's not a heavy chewer, so he didn't damage the toy, but if you have a heavy chewer, you may want to supervise your dog's play.

I am so glad we discovered this toy at the vet. I can see this being a great distraction for him during thunderstorms, the fourth of July, or when he's just bored. The Kong Quest Bone comes in various colors and sizes, so be sure to order the right size for your dog.

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