How To Keep A Dog Warm In Winter – 5 Great Tips

How To Keep A Dog Warm In Winter

This blog post will tell you how to keep a dog warm in winter weather by providing helpful tips and tricks.

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Dogs are some of the most lovable companions on earth. They provide unconditional love, endless entertainment and can even be life-savers in times of need. While dogs offer so much to their owners, they also require a lot of care and attention that sometimes goes unnoticed.

Many pet owners don't realize how cold it can get outside for their furry friends during the winter months. When precautions aren't taken against cold weather, dogs risk getting frostbite or worse.

The Danger Of Winter Weather For Dogs

Dogs are just like us in that they will tolerate cold weather to varying degrees. Factors such as breed, age, and overall health can affect how well a dog handles the chilly temps. While physical conditioning also has an impact, coat density also affects the acclimation rates.

Dogs are susceptible to cold temperature, frostbite, cracked paw pads, and hypothermia. So it's essential to protect your pups in cold weather.

How to Keep a Dog Warm in Winter Weather

There are a few signs your dog may be feeling the cold, and you need to keep an eye on them for responsiveness. If they show signs like shivering or refusal of movement when outside in chilly weather, then chances are it's not fun anymore.

If your pup is single-coated or short-haired but loves to go outside most often for walks, it is essential to provide them some protection. The best products in such conditions are hoodies, sweaters, coats and jackets. There are a lot of varieties available on the market that are made according to different climatic conditions. You just have to select the right size for your pup.

Similarly, if there is snow or ice everywhere around your house, always wipe your dog's feet after they walk so that they don't pick up any of these harmful chemicals that can irritate their paw pads. Products such as paw washers are perfect for getting your dog's feet nice and clean. You can also apply paw protectants such as paw wax or petroleum jelly to protect the dog's paws from harsh chemicals and salts before you go out for a walk.

If your pup ingests these de-icing chemicals, they can be highly poisonous. You can protect your dog's paws from the perils of winter by getting them used to wearing dog boots. These can provide warmth as well as a way for dogs to protect their paws.

If your pup is not used to wearing boots when it's cold, you might need to introduce these items into their life slowly. The best way would be by sneaking them in during playtime and letting the dogs wear something on their paws for an extended period. It is better to keep them inside if the weather is too harsh.

How to Keep a Dog Warm Outside

While we recommend you keeping your dog indoors during cold weather, that's not always possible. In those instances, make sure your dog has an insulated, airtight doghouse with a door flap to keep out drafts and be sure it's raised off the ground at least a few inches. You can provide dry bedding like hay or straw for insulation; this will help them stay warm in winter when temperatures drop below freezing. Similarly, when they come from outside, wash their paws with warm water, so ice or other chemicals wash away.

How to Keep a Dog Warm at Night Inside

Now that we've discussed how to keep a dog warm in winter outside, let's talk about inside. Even inside, dogs can get a little chilly at night, especially older dogs and small breeds. Since heat rises, the area near the floor where they sleep is colder.

Be sure your dog has a warm dog bed to keep them off the floor, preferably one with a rim around it to keep your dog's warmth in. If they already have a flat dog bed, you can provide blankets for them to nest in. There are self-heating dog beds which take that a step further with special materials that reflect back your dog's warmth. In addition, you can use heating pads to provide extra warmth.


Before you read this article, you may have been wondering how to keep a dog warm in winter. The answer is simple; you just need some winter accessories like hoodies, jackets, booties, and appropriate bedding for your dogs, along with proper care!

To recap, here are our five tips.

  1. Dress your dog in hoodies, sweaters, or jackets, to keep their core warm in cold temperatures.
  2. Wash your dog's feet in warm water after walks or outside play time to remove de-icing chemicals and snow.
  3. Protect your dog's paws with boots or paw wax.
  4. If you must keep your dog outside, make sure their doghouse is insulated and off the ground with a door flap to keep out the elements.
  5. Inside, be sure your dog has a warm place to sleep, off the floor, by providing a dog bed with blankets, a self-heating dog bed, or a heating pad for extra warmth.

There are many great products to keep your canine companions warm all winter long without sacrificing their cute look. Be sure to check out our shop and get ready for winter!

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