Handicapped Dogs Get A New Leash On Life

Just like humans, handicapped dogs live long, happy lives with a little support and help from those who love them. It used to be that dogs with disabilities were often euthanized. Now, as dogs are becoming more and more part of the family rather than just pets, new innovations are allowing disabled dogs to live a better quality of life. Disabled dogs are getting a new leash on life. We've found many great products that help handicapped dogs and we've decided to share them here.

We hope these products help your handicapped dogs live better, happier lives. If you have a product for disabled dogs that you'd recommend, feel free to contact us and we might feature it on our site.

Products For Handicapped Dogs

Handicapped Dogs with Dog Wheelchairs1. Walkin' Wheels are wheelchairs for dogs. This product allows dogs with paralysis, spinal problems, leg deformities, infirmity from age, or other problems get around again. These dog wheelchairs come in three types, one for the front, one for the back, and a quad wheelchair. They also come in three different sizes, small, medium, and large, and are adjustable to fit your dog.
Walkin' Drag Bag2. In addition to wheelchairs for dogs, Walkin' Wheels offers “drag bags“. These bags protect your disabled dog's chest and limbs from abrasions and sores caused by scraping against the floor and rough surfaces while out of their wheelchairs. The drag bag also keeps beds and blankets clean and dry. The bag features a mesh panel for ventilation and is machine washable.
Walkin' Support Sling3. Slings support dogs with weak or compromised backs. Owners hold the straps and support their dogs, taking strain off its back while walking or going to the bathroom. This product is also excellent for dogs who recently underwent back or spinal injury and aids in recovery.
Walkin' Pet Splints4. Walkin' Pet Splints stabilize and support weakened hocks, paws, and lower limbs. These splints can also allow dogs to put weight on injured or broken limbs. Furthermore, the fit can be adjusted with the padded velcro straps and the bottom of the splint features non-slip pads to add stability.
5. Muffin's Halo protects your blind dog from bumping into things and possibly injuring themselves. The halo attaches to a harness wrapped snugly around the dog's torso and sits just above eye level. It acts as a buffer between the dog's head and obstacles, directing them away from possibly dangerous collisions.

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