Edible Wrapping Paper For Dogs

Edible Wrapping Paper For DogsBoth of our dogs always loved opening their gifts on Christmas morning by themselves. Tearing the paper off gave them such joy, sometimes even more than the gift itself! If your dog enjoys unwrapping their gifts too, there's a new product they're sure to enjoy, edible wrapping paper for dogs. It's actually not really paper, but a food product compressed to imitate the look of wrapping paper.

The “paper” is made with all-natural potato starch, natural flavoring designed to catch your dog's attention, and edible ink and is water soluble. That means you don't need any adhesive tape, just lightly wet the edges and seal. You won't have to worry about your dog possibly eating the tape. There are currently seven varieties of Paw Paper edible wrapping paper for dogs available on Amazon.


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