Dog Stays With Friend That Fell Into Cistern

Vashon Island Pet Protectors

An Irish Setter, whose basset hound friend fell into a cistern, stayed with the trapped dog, only leaving for short periods every day to try to bring help. Eventually, the Vashon Island Pet Protectors were notified about Tillie, the Irish Setter, by a resident of who saw the dog on their property. Volunteers went to the ravine where Tillie was last seen. While calling for her, they heard a bark, and followed it to the cistern where Phoebe, the basset hound, was discovered. Tillie was with her, resting her head on the concrete wall, obviously keeping Phoebe company. The cold and hungry dogs were rescued and Tillie was hailed as a hero. I'm sure all of us wish we had friends as true and loving as Tillie. Good job, girl!

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