Chewy Sends Grieving Dog Owners Portraits and Flowers

Chewy Sends Grieving Pet Owners Sympathy GiftsYou may have heard about pet food company Chewy in the news lately and for good reason. They have been going above and beyond for pet owners. One story describes their compassionate response to a grieving dog owner's request to return an unopened bag of dog food for a refund. The man, Joseph Inabnet, regularly ordered prescription diet dog food from Chewy for his pug Bailey. Not only did Chewy refund his money, they told him to donate the unused food to a pet charity of his choice. But the story doesn't end there.

A short time later, Joseph received a handwritten card along with a hand-painted portrait of Bailey. The card read:

“Pets come into our lives, leave paw prints on our hearts and we are forever changed,” it said. “We’re sending lots of love and positive thoughts. If you ever need anything, we’re always here.”

It's a sweet gesture during a difficult time for a pet owner. It reminds us that there are real, caring people behind that corporate name. The incredible thing is that this is not a one-off story. Chewy sends grieving pet owners sympathy gifts all the time. There are so many stories from pet owners on social media singing Chewy's praises for their personal touch. And it's not just grieving pet parents that get that personal touch. They send handwritten welcome notes to new customers and randomly send out portraits to customers. That sort of compassion and service is mostly unheard of today and it's what distinguishes Chewy from other pet companies out there. Other companies take heed. If you want to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers, treat them with kindness and they'll repay you with loyalty.

Here are just a few other stories of Chewy's wonderful customer service:

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