Dog Casino Treat Puzzle

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Dog Casino Treat PuzzleThe Dog Casino Treat Puzzle may be just the perfect toy for your bored pooch. Featuring 8 hidden chambers that can hold your choice of treats, this puzzle keeps your dog entertained for hours.

You can pull the drawers open for your canine pal or let them do it themselves. The drawers can be locked with the included pegs for an extra challenge. For another challenge, hide treats in just a few of the drawers to keep your dog guessing.

The Dog Casino Treat Puzzle rates at a difficulty level 3, for doggy geniuses, as it requires multiple problem solving steps to receive the reward. So, if your dog is a little Einstein, he or she should enjoy figuring out this puzzle. Even if your dog isn’t a doggy genius, you can help him or her solve the puzzle and receive their just rewards.

Pros Cons
- High quality, durable - Pieces are small. May be hard for dogs with bigger paws to open drawers and pieces may be small enough for larger dogs to swallow.
- Provides hours of challenging fun - May not withstand heavy chewers.
- Can be used with or without pegs to increase difficulty level

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