Dog Bowl For Fast Eaters | The Slo-Bowl

Kyjen Dog Games Slo-Bowl Slow Feeder Coral - OrangeOne problem many dog owners face is that their dog eats way too fast. They gobble down their food, often without hardly chewing. While this may be a leftover behavior from their ancestors because of the intense competition between predators, this is not needed today and may even be dangerous for your pet. When your dog eats too fast, it can lead to choking, vomiting, and bloat. Owners have often resorted to several tricks to get their dogs to slow down while eating. Fortunately, there is a dog bowl for fast eaters that can help slow down your dog’s eating to a safer rate.

One such product is the Slo-Bowl by Kyjen. The Slo-Bowl comes in a four different styles and multiple colors, but the common feature of all of them is that the inside of the bowl separates the food into different compartments by using a maze-like structure. This forces the dog to dig the food out and, thus, slow down their rate of consumption. Meal time is more of a game or hunt, taking up to 5 minutes longer than their usual meal with a regular bowl. Watch the video below to see the Slo-Bowl difference.


The Slo-Bowl Dog Bowl for fast eaters.

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