Give Dog Medicine The Easy Way

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Greenies Pill Pockets Chicken Flavor for DogsLike us, I’m sure many of you have at one time or another had to give your dog medication or supplements of some sort. This is no easy task. We tried peanut butter. Our dog was too smart for that. We tried just shoving the pills down her throat, but that was quite a hassle if she put up a fuss. The only thing that we found that worked every single time was Pill Pockets by Greenies.

Pill Pockets come in several different flavors your dog will love including chicken, beef, peanut butter, hickory smoke, and roasted duck & pea. There are also allergy formulas available. They also come in two different varieties for concealing tablets or capsules.

The Pill Pocket masks the smell of the medicine and wraps the pill in a delicious treat your dog can’t wait to devour! The next time you have to give your dog a pill, get Pill Pockets and avoid the hassle.

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